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Don't suffer through another hot South Aussie Summer,
book a car air conditioning inspection to avoid the heat

Affordable car air-conditioning repairs, regassing and maintenance in Lonsdale SA

Did you know that your car air conditioner should be serviced every 12 months?

Servicing your vehicle's air-conditioning is not as costly as you may think. In the long run regular maintenance of your car air conditioner could save you money on expensive repairs.

Have us check your car air conditioning system 

We then explain what work needs to be done and why.

Have you noticed your car air conditioner isn't running as it should?

Direct Automotive Repairs is a fully equipped workshop with all the latest equipment available for the maintenance and repairs of car or truck air-conditioning. 
When your vehicle's air conditioning is not working and you want it fixed promptly. Direct Automotive Repairs will fix all your auto electrical and car air conditioning problems.

car-air conditioning services

Our services include:

  • Regassing cars, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles
  • Making and repairing air conditioner pipes and hoses
  • Supply and fitting reconditioned and new compressors
  • Systems rebuilds
  • Electronic leak testing
  • UV dye leak testing
  • TX valve replacement
  • Condenser replacement
  • Evaporator replacement
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Fully licensed technicians carry out air conditioner repairs and maintenance on: cars, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles

  • Does your car feel cold enough?
  • Are foul aromas coming from the air conditioning system?
  • Do you notice rattling or noises coming from you car air conditioner?
  • Is there excessive moisture in your car?

Have your air conditioning checked and be ready for summer

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